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Bersha Watercolours
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Watercolours & Drawings in the Griffith Institute Archive

The Griffith Institute Archive is home to an impressive collection of watercolours, paintings and drawings created in the 19th and early 20th centuries by artists, architects and archaeologists living, working and travelling in Egypt at that time. Projects based on the collections within the Archive include Howard Carter's unique watercolour album of birds and animals, and the complete online catalogues for the George Alexander Hoskins' albums, and Hector Horeau's watercolours.

There are new projects currently underway, with several focusing on the Griffith Institute Watercolours & Drawings [GI w&d] group. This stand-alone collection within the Archive holdings includes over two hundred paintings created between the early 1890s and the 1920s by artists and archaeologists working for the Egypt Exploration Fund (now Society), recording at sites in Egypt, these artworks were used to illustrate the Society's publications produced during this period. The GI w&d will provide the source material for our next online presentations which will feature the Middle Kingdom tombs at Deir el-Bersha and Beni Hasan.