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Griffith Institute w&d 150 | Pintail duck hieroglyph

Griffith Institute Watercolour 150
Griffith Institute w&d 150
© Griffith Institute Watercolours & Drawings Project

Artist Not signed, probably Howard Carter or perhaps Marcus W. Blackden.

Date Not dated, 1891 or 1893.

Deir el-Bersha.
Tomb of Djehutihotep. Temp. Sesostris II and Sesostris III.
Hall (Inner Room). West wall, lower part.

Hieroglyph, Pintail duck (drake), probably from column of text in front of Djehutihotep.
From scene: Four registers, Djehutihotep overseeing boats (including the towing of a dahabîya), and stocktake of cattle.

Technical data
74 mm x 60 mm.
Mount, recto,
'El Bersheh see Pl. XII'.
Mount, verso,
'El Bersheh'; 'unidentified'; 'El Bersheh.'; 'See Hieroglyphs. Pl. II.'.

Griffith Institute w&d

See PM iv.180(14)-(15) | TopBib 409-060-010-020; GI w&d Deir el-Bersha Project; Newberry, P. E. El Bersheh i [1894], 27 pls. xii, xix.

Djehutihotep seated in a covered kiosk overseeing four registers showing the annual stocktake of cattle. This Pintail duck hieroglyph may be read as (pronounced sa) and its most common usage in inscriptions is for the word 'son' (or 'daughter' if the hieroglyph t is also present: sȝt). This example, most likely from the scene of Djehutihotep overseeing the annual stocktake of cattle, may have been copied from the column of text directly in front of Djehutihotep's kiosk. This particular forms part of the name of Sitkheperka, who was the mother of Djehutihotep.

The male Northern Pintail duck (Anas acuta) has a blue-grey beak, body, legs and feet, as illustrated here by the ancient artist who has painted the head and wing tips russet-brown and the tail feathers a light brown edged with black, which emphasises the duck's long tail; a distinctive feature which also gives this bird its modern name.

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