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Griffith Institute w&d 164 | Men offering cups

Griffith Institute Watercolour 164
Griffith Institute w&d 164
© Griffith Institute Watercolours & Drawings Project

Artist Rosalind F. E. Paget.
Watercolour not signed but credited "R.F.E.P." on frontispiece plate of El Bersheh ii.

Date Not dated, probably 1893 or 1894.

Deir el-Bersha.
Tomb of Djehutinakht. Dynasty XII.

Relief fragment with remains of five men kneeling offering drinking cups.
From scene: Remains of scene of table and offering-list before Djehutinakht and wife, with harvest below.

Technical data
712 mm x 518 mm.
Watercolour, recto [no mount],
'Bersha piece 3'; 'coloured plate (?)'.
Watercolour, verso [no mount],
'El Bersheh. II'; 'Frontispiece'.

Griffith Institute w&d

See PM iv.177(4) | TopBib 409-060-010-010; GI w&d Deir el-Bersha Project; Griffith, F. L. & Newberry, P. E. El Bersheh ii [1895], 22-3 frontispiece (this fragment adjoins another, see pl. ix [3]).

This fragment of painted relief is from an offering scene in the tomb of Djehutinakht at Deir el-Bersha. Part of a larger scene in which Djehutinakht is seated before a table laden with offerings, enough to sustain him in the Afterlife, this fragment comes from an offering list and bears the remains of five male offering bearers all kneeling; each figure offers up two small pottery cups containing different types of liquids. Below the offering bearers are the upper parts of five columns of text and part of a head. This fragment was presented by the Egypt Exploration Fund (now the Egypt Exploration Society) in 1894 to the British Museum in London (EA 1151).

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