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Excavation journals and diaries made by Howard Carter and Arthur Mace

Howard Carter's excavation diaries (transcripts and scans)

6th Season, October 8th 1927 to April 26th 1928

This is Howard Carter's journal for the 6th excavation season of the tomb of Tutankhamun which took place between Autumn 1927 and Spring 1928. The events covered by this journal are the examination of shawabti figures from the Treasury (October 6th 1927) and the commencement of work in the Annexe (November 30th 1927).

The journal is a bound buff-coloured volume with a printed "Egyptian Government" label on the front cover board, it measures 33.5 by 21.5 by 1.5 cm. and contains journal entries on 65 ruled pages. TAA Archive i.2.4, pages 29 to 51. All entries are in Howard Carter's hand.

This transcript follows the format of the original document, and any insertions, deletions or duplications are indicated accordingly. Scans of the original journal pages are provided and are positioned to the right of the transcript, these are magnified by positioning the pointer on the image.

Dep. London (for Egypt via Trieste - Alexandria).

Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 29 (TAA i.2.4.29) Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 29 (TAA i.2.4.29)
Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 29 (© Griffith Institute, TAA i.2.4.29)

Arr. Cairo. (Saw Min. P.W.D. on board S.S. Vienna, Alex.).

Saw H. Gauthier, Secretary General S. des. A., arranged the following: -
Open lab. 24th Sept.
Electric light Oct. 5th.
Signed concession for 1927-28. (ending Oct. 31st 1928).
Discussed the proposal of replacing Mohamed Effendi Shaaban by
junior Museum official. He agreed to my proposal of writing
to H.E. the Min. of P.W.D. on subject.

Drafted letter - Re Mohamed Shaaban - for the Min. P.W.D.

Dep. Cairo 7pm. For Luxor with Lucas.

Arr. Luxor 8pam - Gurna 10am.

Opened Lab (No. 15) in presence of Mahmoud Effendi Rushdy; found everything
in order; free from dust, and insects. and rats.

Prepared everything for work tomorrow, commencing with the shrine
upon carrying poles of the figure of Anubis No. 261. The figure of the
jackal having been cleaned and waxed last season.

The temperature of the lab., upon opening, was 80oF. One degree less than
when it was opened last season (Oct. 6. 1926).

The Anubis being completed we commenced upon the series of boats.

Paid men & Reises.

Tuesday being a holiday no work at the lab. (Carpenter employed from 28th Sept.)

The Anubis shrine, the nautical series, the granary, and the germinating
figure of Osiris, examined, fortified, & noted.

Arranged for opening the tomb Wednesday (Oct. 5th), after which date we will
begin upon the remainder of the material in the store room.

Cleared the rubbish covering the entrance of the tomb.
Received visit from O.C.P. Hassan Hosny Abou Zeid (of Keneh) and El Bey El Marmour,
Ahmed Tewfik Mouro (of Luxor).

Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 31 (TAA i.2.4.31) Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 31 (TAA i.2.4.31)
Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 31 (© Griffith Institute, TAA i.2.4.31)

Opened tomb, finding everything in good order. The Inspector of Luxor
Rushdy Effendi was present.

Commenced removing to the laboratory the remainder of objects
in the store room.

Examined the model coffin and contents; a cenotaph; and two
kiosks full of shawabti figures of different kinds.

Completed removing objects from the store chamber - (leaving out the
canopic shrine and 3 boats to await Burton's photos.).

Lucas commenced cleaning model coffin and shawabtis.

Burton arrived.

Burton commenced photographing the shawabti-figures.

Sir John Maffy, Gov. Gen. of the Sudan visited the valley & tomb.

Burton completed negatives of the objects from the innermost room.

Commenced moving the roofing sections of the great shrines from the S. end
of the antechamber, preparatory to opening the annexes.

Completed do.

Opened the entrance doorway of the annexe.

Henri Landauer arrived.

Burton commences the photographic records of the annexe.

We were able to commence upon the removal of some of the objects
immediately below the threshold of the doorway.

Completed clearing the annexe.

Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 51 (TAA i.2.4.51) Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 51 (TAA i.2.4.51)
Howard Carter's Journal for 1927, p. 51 (© Griffith Institute, TAA i.2.4.51)

Commenced preparations for the visitors to see tomb.

The King of Afghanistan visited tomb.

P.M. Sarwat Pasha visited tomb and lab.

Opened tomb to public.

The Sultana Melek visited tomb.

Sent cases of antiquities. (i.e. of 1926-27 Campaign) to Cairo.

Left for Cairo.

Arr. Cairo. Saw Lady Burghclere.

Returned Luxor. With Lady Burghclere.

Crown Pr. Of Italy visited the Valley. & tomb.

Left for Aswan with Lady Burghclere, per Pr. Train.

Returned to Gurneh from Aswan - very bad cold.

H.R.H. Pri. Mary arr.
Show valley & western Thebes
to Princess Mary.

H.R.H. Pri. Mary dep.

The Sultana Malek visited Lab. And D.E.B.

Burton, having been with me for three days completed his work.

Closed tomb. Landauer dep.

Left Cairo.

Dep. For Alex. For S.S. 'Helouan' for Venice - London.

Arr. London.