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Excavation journals and diaries made by Howard Carter and Arthur Mace


The interactive timeline below shows the journal and diary entries by Carter and Mace for the different excavation seasons. Clicking on the small purple button reveals a transcript of the entry for that day, with the option to read more from that journal or diary and view the relevant scans - these can also be accessed from the list further down this page. If you encounter problems viewing this timeline, ensure that the latest version of your web browser is installed.

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List of the excavation journals and diaries

Howard Carter's excavation journals and pocket diaries

Arthur Mace's excavation diaries

Minnie C. Burton's personal diary
Not featured in Timeline

  • December 13-31, 1922
  • January 1 to April 23 & November 7 to December 31, 1923
  • January 1 to April 16 & November 10 to December 31, 1924
  • January 1 to April 25 & November 18 to December 31, 1925
  • January 1 to May 1, 1926