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Excavation journals and diaries made by Howard Carter and Arthur Mace

Howard Carter's excavation diaries (transcripts and scans)

7th Season, September 20th to December 4th 1928

This is Howard Carter's journal for the 7th excavation season of the tomb of Tutankhamun which took place at the end of 1928. The events covered by this journal are the laboratory work on miscellanea from the tomb (October 9th to 17th) and the noting of weapons which were found in box (370) (November 24th).

The journal is a bound buff-coloured volume with a printed "Egyptian Government" label on the front cover board, it measures 33.5 by 21.5 by 1.5 cm. and contains journal entries on 65 ruled pages. TAA Archive i.2.4, pages 53 to 55. All entries are in Howard Carter's hand.

This transcript follows the format of the original document, and any insertions, deletions or duplications are indicated accordingly. Scans of the original journal pages are provided and are positioned to the right of the transcript, these are magnified by positioning the pointer on the image.

Dep. London 10.45. Vict. For Calais - Paris - Trieste.

Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 53 (TAA i.2.4.53) Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 53 (TAA i.2.4.53)
Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 53 (© Griffith Institute, TAA i.2.4.53)

Arr. Trieste.

Arr. Alex - Cairo.

Dep. Cairo - for Luxor.

Arr. Luxor - Gurna. Finding everything in good order.

Put things straight in house.

Opened Lab. For recommencing work.

Cleaned, repaired and noted the majority of the calcite vessels
and ornaments.

Lucas arrived.

With Lucas' aid cleaned repaired & noted a large quantity
of miscellanea that came in the sequence of discovery under the
main No. 620. Lucas was also able to clean, ready for waxing,
th two stools and one small chair.

Lucas when he arrived was not well, had a cold, and fever.
The latter (by the 18th) developed and proved to be para-typhoid. Saw on the

Sent Lucas to Cairo to go to the Anglo-American hospital.

The work progressed very slowly, I having developed a cold
and far from being fit to work at 'full steam.'

On the morning of the 22nd, I had an interesting experience:
when driving up the valley (8am), I saw, quite near
the car (not more than twenty yds away) an a seven to
ten month old jackal. Quite black (perhaps a few
grey hairs on th under the abdomen); long muzzle; large
pointed ears; and of the attenuated form of the ancient
Egyptian Anubis-animal. But the tail though
drooping was shorter than that represented by the god. This
is now the second example of this animal that I have
witnessed, in both cases resembling in form and in colour
the Anubis-animal far more than the normal jackal
of these parts.

Car broke down and morning lost. I seem to be having a
run of bad luck, with poor Lucas in the hospital from whom
at present I can't get no news. any news.

Continued this week, examining, repairing & recording a number
of miscellaneous objects found in boxes 367 and 565.

Had news of Lucas saying that he was progressing well.

Expect Burton to arrive towards the end of this week.

Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 55 (TAA i.2.4.55) Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 55 (TAA i.2.4.55)
Howard Carter's Journal for 1928, p. 55 (© Griffith Institute, TAA i.2.4.55)

Work progressing slowly - some nice specimens of tapestry -
woven textiles turned up. Though in bad condition they
show quite interesting details especially the needle-work.

Burton arrived.

Burton began his photographic records.

[continuation from entry for 6th Nov.] Which progressed well, but unfortunately he fell ill
today. He having contracted in Cairo 'dengue-fever'
which suddenly became evident this evening.

Burton progressing as well as possible - a relapse
today which means the end of the fever. He won't
be fit for ten days however.

Just heard that Lucas has recovered and out of
hospital. He wants to come back on the 23rd Nov.
I don't think that very wise.

Having a lot of trouble from stupidity on the part
of the Reises & men. It seems that they get more
stupid as they get older - and slacker having been
perhaps too long with me.

Work progressing. The box (370) containing all kinds of weapons takes
entails ala lot of work & recording.

Burton sufficiently strong to return to work today.

Eumorfopolous came to Valley and afterward to lunch - we went
over various monuments together.

Lucas returned from Cairo this morning. I had hoped to go
to Cairo for a few days - the end of Nov. but what with Burton
being able to return I did not feel justified in delaying the work
more than possible so decided to put off going to Cairo later in Dec.