Working files of the Topographical Bibliography

Past and present members of the staff of the Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Stelae, Reliefs and Paintings, especially R. L. B. Moss and E. W. Burney, have taken part in the preparation of these lists at the Griffith Institute, University of Oxford.

These pdf files:
Jaromir Malek (Editor), Diana Magee, Elizabeth Fleming and Alison Hobby (Assistants to the Editor) and Tracy Walker

Please note that these are working files. All entries are checked and edited before inclusion in the volumes of the Topographical Bibliography but we shall be grateful if you point out any serious inaccuracies in these lists.





Please note that only one reference is usually given for each item; for a more complete list of publications consult the printed volumes. Additional bibliographic data held in the Appendices of the Topographical Bibliography may be accessed on request.


List of collections, dealers and auction houses with objects included in the Topographical Bibliography.

Individual collections:


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